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1913 N Nebraska Ave
Tampa, Florida 33602
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8-3
Hillsborough: 813.884.8381
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Event Flyers

Here you can find flyers to some of the up-coming Egypt Shrine events. For more information on these events make sure to check out the latest copy of our Sands Magazine or the latest Colonel's Message.

January 2019 Col's MSG
Sweetheart Dinner Flyer Egypt Shriners Imperial Housing Form 2019

Event Maps

Here you can find maps to various events either hosted by Egypt Shrine or participated in by our Clubs and Units. All maps use a starting point of Egypt Shrine in Tampa, FL. Addresses are included when available (We are in the process of updating these maps. Please be patient with us). For more information on these events make sure to check out our calendar entries.

Click on the map icon for a downloadable PDF map or click on the event name to open a map in Google Maps.

Link to Map Event Type Event Information

Brooksville Parade Map Parade Brooksville Parade

Chasco Parade Map Parade Chasco Parade

Dade City Parade Map Parade Dade City Parade

Fair Day Map Event Location Fair Days

Inverness Parade Map Parade Inverness Parade

Pasco Parade Map Parade Pasco Parade

Plant City Parade Map Parade Plant City Parade

Safety Harbor Parade Map Parade Safety Harbor Parade

Showmen's Trade Show Map Event Location Showmen's Trade Show

St. Pete Night Parade Map Parade St. Pete Night Parade

Zephyrhills Parade Map Parade Zephyrhills Parade


Here you can find a list of public events Egypt Shrine will be participating in. These events are not all necessarily hosted or organized by Egypt Shrine. For more information on these events make sure to check out our calendar entries.

Date Event Type Information Location

02-13-19 Stated Meeting Sweetheart Dinner w/
IMP Sir Jim Cain and Lady Patsy
Centro Asturiano de Tampa

02-9-19 Parade Knight of Sant'Yago Night Parade Event Location

02-13-19 Entertainment Egypt Shrine Fair Days Event Location

02-18-19 Parade Dade City Parade Event Location


Here you will find documents such as Imperial Bylaws, our Bylaws, Ladies Handbook, and our calendar book when we finish them. Please check back soon for these documents.

Imperial Bylaws Egypt Temple Bylaws
2018 Part III Code for the Government of Temple Shriners Protocol, Revised Oct 2017